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    Lower Back pain!!! No juice at all!

    I'm not doing any cycle whatsoever, i am just using protein shakes and lifting weights, but recently i have been getting lower back pain that covers the lower back and kind of wraps around the sides of the lower back wich made me worry about kidneys. The pain is when i wake up in the morning and am laying down in soon as i wake up and urinate the pain immediatly dissapears completley!!
    So for one minute when i'm still in bed i feel like i am having a serious condition, but as soon as i get up and going there is no sign of it !
    I dont drink, do drugs or anything i am very health concious...i dont know what happening.

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    any reason you wouldn't just pop over to the doctor? I know the bros here are great but even a doctor would probably want to examine you.

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    If it stops when you pee, then it must be the urinary tract & kidneys would be suspect. Try some cranberry extract for a good week see if it helps otherwise,see a doc.

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