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    Atomic & flu like symptoms

    hey guys give me your opinion on this, im in week 5 of a 15 week cycle of test/EQ @ 500/400 mgs a week. last night i changed my test from QV test_E to atomics test-250 ( test blend) still running the same QV EQ. this morning i woke up drained and exousted, then by noon flu symptoms started bad enough to make me go home form work sick. do you think last nights injection has anything to do with the way i feel? anyone elese expirence this with Atomic? to give you a little bit more history i have probaly been over training, i havent had much energy but i have still blasted through my work outs with intensity, and on the jiu jitsu mat i've been goin all out as well. furthermore this week i had about 6 or 8 beers over a two night period, diet has been so-so. im justa little concerned about the timing of my illness coinsiding with my injection. so , my question is, am i sick form the juice or the possible over training. thanks

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    could be the beers bro, I drank 4 one night and I felt like hell for a couple days (headachs, soreness, quezzy). I just really don't think the booze and as mix nicely.

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    i took aa test 250 and am currently on aa tren 75mg ed. no problems whatsoever!

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    Whne you talk about a blend, you are talking about something similar to sust. Many folks get test flu from sust, so it certainly is possible. However, wait a bit before declaring that it gave you the might just be worn out.

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