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    stretch marks, help

    sry if this is in the wrong forum, but i finished my test 400 at 400mg ew for 10 weeks and ive noticed stranged stretch marks around my left and right hip near my glute, over the past few weeks they have spread over my glute on both sides, but now i have stretch marks on my upper hamstring right under my glute, they are red marks that vary from 1/4 inch to small lines that run for over 1 inch. they look like **** and i havent worked out my legs in 2 months because of knee problems, so it has nothing to do with growth. i shot into my glutes, does this have anything to do with it? sry for lengh, but i wanted to be specific, any help with why am getting these or how i can prevent them would be much app. thanks

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    Its apart of growing u wanna get big u gotta deal with problems like this. you can get many things to rub on them. Getting a good tan also can make a huge difference but if you want them gone lazer surgery and a nice tan

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    I have loads of the phukking things, all over my upper body, a result of my previously being a 300+lb beer monster. If you run a search on stretch marks there are a couple of threads related to this topic. You have the advantage that yours are still fresh, while they are still red they respond better to treatment. From what I've read retin-a works quite well on fresh stretch marks. Mine are years old & faded so won't respond well to the creams/ointments etc so I'm testing out a theory of mine that GH might help as one of GHs effects is improving skin tone and restoring elasticity.

    Hope this is of some help bro.

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