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    I need some feedback on a ?

    i post this earlier and got nothing i'm gonna post it again cause i would like the answer to the ? so here it is again i hope it does better this time

    I have a ruff time during pct i feel just like a piece all the clomid makes me just feel wierd and the motivation for maximum intensity is down and thats not something i like at all. My question is can i run an oral at the end my cycle like anavar or halo and run it until the day of pct becasue they have short half lives?? I would much appriciate some advice and just to let u know this is my last cycle thats why so intense.

    wk 1-17 test c 800mg/w
    wk 1-17 eq 600mg/w
    wk 1-4 oxydrol 100mg/d
    wk 5-16 tren E 550mg/w
    wk 9-17 anavar 50mg/d
    wk 1-17 nolva 10mg/d
    wk 18-20 halo 40mg/d????

    pct wk 21-23 clomid and nolva therapy

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    I would say no, your bound to have some reduction in stamina after finishing that cycle man... Do the PCT and work through it.

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