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Thread: Steriod Law

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    Exclamation Steriod Law

    Yes I would like to know if anyone can tell me thre law/s about seriods in canada or point we to a site

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    okay from what I know in canada it is legal to posses steroids most times if you get caught without a script the cops will just confiscate your juice worst senario is a fine... but it is illegal to sell them heres the tricky part if you posses a certain amount ( I dont know how much) you could be charged with selling and get a yr in jail.... and if sold near or too a minor (-18) then you could get charged with up to 5 yrs in jail.... the laws are pretty foggy on all of it there is no specific penalty.... in canada steroids are a schedule 4 drug....illegal to sell but legal to posses... you could look it up somewhere!

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    Thank you its a start

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    Here's a good thread:

    steroid laws in canada

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