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    My first painful injection

    So far my injections didn't hurt much at all. A bit soar but a day or two later it felt good. My last poke (right glute) hurts like a mofo. I think I may have injected too high up on my cheek, close to a bone. Cause it just aches. Any ideas? (25 guage, 250 mg test depot E3D)

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    Iam sorry to tell you bro that you are going to have to cut out a big chunk of your ass
    just playin, get used to it, 1/4 my injects are painfull for one reason are another It's immposible to say what you did...Just don't worry about it and try to get a set spot where on that glute you hit it every time..
    good luck

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    Could be a lot of things man, it's just something that a lot of times, comes with the territory...

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