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Thread: puffy nipples

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    puffy nipples

    I dont know if i was just born with them or it happend from my recent cycle. I am pretty sure they have always been like this though. i guess my question is, if i ever do a cutting cycle will that cure this?my chest is hard and well formed but my nipples are just puffy and it sucks. thanks.

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    when your nipples ARN'T cold/erect are they squishy or do they have lumps in them? Cause if they are squsihy there is a good chance that if you drop your bf down below 10% they will drastically reduce in size because it would be mainly estrogen related fat deposits.

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    Gyno starts with tender nimples and it feels like a pea under the nipple. I have a very small one under my right nip. Unless my body fat is real low it is completely invisable.

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    During a cycle, people sometimes observe puffy nipples. It is exactly what it sounds like: puffy, soft inflamation around the nipple and surrounding tissue. It is not gyno. It is not hard, it is not painful. It is likely related to water retention and fat deposition. Take some anti-estrogen drugs, and lower your body fat as well.

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