for the past 2 months i have been doing am cardio and eating a low cal diet. i got my bf from 18% down to 12.9%. needless to say i look way better
i have my fall rugby season starting in september and i was considering going on a test cycle during the season to have extra strength. i want to add some solid pounds during the winter and plan on doing a prop/fina/winny cycle in the spring. i am currently lifting 5 days a week and have rugby practices the other days. would i be better off just waiting till rugbys over to start a bulk cycle or would it not matter. i am already the strongest/best looking player on our team but if i was "on" during the games i would have a huge advantage. my source is always trying to sell me sust. cause he can obtain it easier, but im always reading how sust is a pain in the ass. im wondering what you guys would reccommend for my situation and if it would be worthwhile to do it during season. after this cycle im going to be "off" till the spring when i cut. thx in advance!!