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Thread: mid-cycle help

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    mid-cycle help

    what's up guys? i am currently on week 5 of a prop/eq cycle. i used dbol wks 1-4. i now have access to some chinese tren which is what i wanted in the first place but had to settle for Eq. my question is should i now ditch the eq and go with the tren or stay with the EQ. i am planning a 10 week cycle. my goal is to add lean body mass while dropping a little bodyfat. i am also about to throw some clen in to help with that. what is best prop/tren or prop/eq? i used eq last time to cut and i loved the veins popping out. what will tren do?

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    stick with your plan!!

    use tren on your next cycle.



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    ok i may do that. i could just run prop/tren and the first of the year when i go to really cut again. i've just heard so much about how awesome tren is and i'm excited to see first hand. anyone heard much about the chinese tren?

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