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    prop. only cycle

    i have heard alot of peeps say that u can shoot prop eod and be fine with your blood levels, if this is true would 100mgs be fine eod. and also just curious why you dont run as much prop mg wise as to the other test. thanks guys.

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    I tried 150mg eod to start, but switched to ed @ 100 mg,... do a search on esters,.....I'll try to state this correctly, but I'll probably fail miserably..test prop gives more free test than test cyp or test enth...test suspension gives more free test than test prop..there are more knowledgeable guys that can give a more accurate answer....I got less sides from ed injects....and I think I crammed 3 answers into 1 long rambling sentence... ... ..
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    You can shoot prop eod and be fine. But Ed yeilds better gains IMO. Having less sides seem like that would not happen. I have run prop in the past, I really don't get sides from prop, except for the raise in emotions, and sex drive. You really don't put on much water weight from prop. You do a little, but nothing like enanthate .

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