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    how much gains (fina)

    i want to know hom much of the gains i will keep with fina i been told that you keep almost everything. i was planning on taking 75mg everyother day of this, i not looking to get huge, i am looking to have good gains of strenth and explosive, and get out of you system quick.

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    Let me help you out a little bro. Uhhh, 10 pounds. Everything is in how you do it. If you do it right and eat real well and hit your clomid right and run a good cycle, then you'll keep your gains better than someone who stops working out when his cycle is over and doesn't take clomid. Everyone is different; some people have claimed to keep all their gains, while I've seen others lose 15 pounds in a month or two. Research a good cycle and do it right and you should keep most of your gains.

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