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Thread: Cycle Help

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    Cycle Help

    I had a cycle question and was hoping for some input. This is what I have to work with...

    200 10mg BD Var
    20 Sus 250
    100 5mg Anabol
    40 50mg Clomid

    My stats are 24, 5' 7", 205lbs aprox. 12% BF. I have been training for 7 years and have built a solid base. I just finished dieting down from a soft 240 lbs and was now looking to gain some mass and strength. This would be my first serious cycle. I was going to run Sus e3d at 250 mg, Var at 40mg, and clomid pct at 300/100/50. I don't know where or if I should add the Anabol. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    If this is ur first cycle makes no sence to go that high. Run 500/mg of test a week and youll be more then happy. Leave the others for future cycles.

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