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    results from sus/winny cycle..

    started at 200 lbs im now 220 lbs.. arms measure 20' i put on 2 inches on the arms i was 18' b4 cycle. chest/shoulders look very thick.. strength is up there.

    side effects.. hard ons everywere i go.. aggressiveness.. thats about it.

    i hardly see much water.. its being controled just fine by a solid diet and the estrogenic water.. is coverd by 10mg nolva daily. i have 2 more weeks worth of sus.

    honestly i love sus.. its great.. im glad i used it eod. but next time ill just stick to prop for every cycle so that whenever i feel the need to get off the cycle.. i can just stop and start colmid 2 days after.

    i dont want to be taking anything on my 3 weeks after my last shot of sus i just want to give myself a break from everything im taking. im thinking ill just run tribulus and creatine for the 3 weeks and during pct.

    everyone keeps staring at my arms **** im loving this lol

    so in conclusion... sust aint that bad if its what u can get.. go for it.

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    2 inches on ur arms, thats a lot, well done.

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