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Thread: My first shot.

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    G-S Guest

    My first shot.

    Well, after 6mos of debating, and studying, and learning all I can, I made the leap today.

    First shot of Sus/Deca , and it went far easier than I imagined. Hell, I felt a slight pinch at the base of my ass when it first went in, felt a lil burining as my bro was press'n on the plunger, and it all went in, very little blood on withdrawl. And, no leekage.

    So, to sum it up, if you havent yet done it, and are worried about it, there is really nothing to it. Well, other than the fact that it took about 45secs to a min to get in.

    As far as pain, I massaged, and rolled around on my ass, and all I have right now is a slight knot in my rear...lil sore. Other than that, everything went tip top.

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    the vast wasteland
    welcome to the dark side brother............glad you could join us.

    peace bb79

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    sound like very thing when good... now the wait is what sux it will take alot more of those before the gear kicks in.. but it will

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    you let another man touch your ass hehe
    pretty soon youll be doing it yourself no problem

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    G-S Guest
    Well, I'm not exactly limber enough to do it myself. Well, limber enough to do it safely myself the first time...

    I know it takes awhile to kick in. That's why I got some lil ole dbol tabs sittin here next to me. lol

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    If your Bro pushes the juice i little slower, you will not get a Not..or lump..

    Allways push Slow.. and congrats!!to ya.

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    Originally posted by bigtraps
    If your Bro pushes the juice i little slower, you will not get a Not..or lump..

    Allways push Slow..

    I'm sorry but I've got to giggle on this one bro!

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