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    how does this sound

    Been getting my next cycle ready, what do yall think about this...

    week 1-10: 500mg test e
    Week 1-10: 175mg Fina (eod pins)
    week 4-8: 10iu PWO insulin shots
    Followed with some nolva and hcg .

    I was thinking about droping the test down to 250 a week and letting the fina take over, but do you think this will hurt the ammount of weight I gain very much?


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    u have to run the test higher than the fina first off. by dropping your test below your fina levels u are gonna have alot of problems. libido will dissapear. progesterone will build up along with prolactin. then say hello to progesterone gyno ( nolva cant help this form) and lactating boobs. get some b-6 and throw it in the miz. it helps with the progesterone

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    either drop your fina to 50mg a day or up your test big time. Also, i'd suggest running the fina ed.

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