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Thread: Salud D-Bol

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    Salud D-Bol

    Has anyone ever used the Salud Animal D-Bol from mexico? I have the 10mg one's and was wondering if anyone had any feedback. I also have pills from QV.

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    I have not tried the salud but the qv is good shat!

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    Yes, I've just started taking 10mg Salud Animal Dbol . It's only been 4 days, so I can't say how effective it is yet. The pills are have a pretty hard coating, so today I used a tip that I read (can't recall where) and chewed them just a bit and chased them with water (the pills have a slightly bitter taste, but I've tasted worse). I did seem to have a better workout that usual today after doing so.

    One complaint: the package says 100 tabs, and I only counted 93. The bottle was very well sealed, so I would assume that the factory that makes them weights the pills instead of counting them. Not a huge deal, but don't be suprised if you come up a few pills short. I bought them from mexrxonline. Next time, I might try their Denkall or Metavet brand Dbol.
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