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    Deca, Proviron, Nolva and veterinary roids

    Hey guys, been away for awhile and have a couple of new questions -- just bought some gear through a friend -- DECA , 1 ml vials with the label INFRA inside. Does anyone know where this is made? Also, a fellow bodybuilder at the gym he's using VETERINARY Test Enanathate and Stanozolol because it's cheaper and gives the same results. Would appreciate experienced opinions on this.

    Ok, more than a couple of questions -- Which is better to use, Nolvadex or Proviron ?

    Thanks guys!


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    try the search buttton at the top bro

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    nobody gives gear to animals, work it out for yourself why its called vet gear!! as for your deca , could be INFAR made in India??? just a guess...nolva is an anti e, that means stops estrogen binding to the receptors once its already aromatised and in ur system, however proviron is a 'weak' anti aromatise, that means its stops it aromatising in the first place..however its not the best for doing this arimidex , femara are noticeably better


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