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    Is Clomid illegal?

    I am new to the game and all I got is thirty 50mg anadrole tablets. I have been studying the information on this site thoroughly before I started. I just wanted to do a 4week cycle for my first time. Would I have to get Clomid from my source or is it sold OTC? Should I get Test as well or could I get decent results with the anadrol alone? I noticed the cycles given on the site are all stacked. Any info would help.... I also found a drug called nolvadex online that I could purchase. Is this the same stuff that is recommended in the novice cycle I section? I'll be searching the website with answers to these questions in the meantime.

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    best to look in the educational section, bro.

    Dont do an oral only cycle. You make F*CK UP your liver.

    Orals are for stacking.

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    I would do a lot more research into your first cycle bro which is potentially the best. You dont want to mess up your hormones and receptors with a cycle that will give you very limited keepable gains!

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