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    big natural needs more help

    im hoping to start a 12 week course of ethanate and 4 wks of dbol to start. its my 1st cycle, and was hoping 4 sum advice. iv recently cut up a fair bit and really dont want to gain a lot of water if any. im going to take 20mg of nolvadex evry day. what do u think of this? will i gain alot of water? any advice would be great.

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    I gave you a reply on your last post, it was just like this one. Check your old post out.

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    I'd trade it for Femara, IMHO. 1.25mg ed during the cycle and 2.5mg PCT throughout. Nolva is an estrogen agonist/antagonist, which competitivley binds to the estrogen receptor. Femara will block the aromatase enzyme, which in turn prevents estogen from being produced. Either way, I'd go with an aromatase inhibitor rather then a SERM. Just my .02 though.

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