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    Need some opinion

    I'm on bulking cycle right now (test/deca /dbols), trying to put some more mass on me.
    I realise to do so I have to increase my calories...which I'm doing.
    But at the same time I've started to notice my waist line is getting thicker as well.
    Now, should I be doing cardio while on bulking, couse I'm not.
    I'm still working on my abs regulary. Should I worry about this now or abs come as a part of cutting cycle which I plan to run in spring.

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    cardio 2-3 days a week....some bros also run t3 @ 12.5 mcg ed to combat fat

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    have some anti-e's handy also, thats probably water retention from all three of those compounds....estrogen could be raising b/f% also. cardio 2-3days a week sounds good even if you're bulking

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    i agree with Johnnytick77, u will have water retention and with a bulking cycle like that a little fat gain should be expected. If ur gaining too much maybe ur calories are too high. But dont neglect regular cardio for maintaining urself.
    good luck bro

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