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    Arrow Questions about Winstrol Tabs....

    Does winstrol tabs work good to cut you up and do the tabs come in 50 mg at all? Please respond, I need to get cut.

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    Yes it comes in 50mg. Is it blue? if so you probably got the right ones. In my experience it works very well, (I like it alot). But be ready fo some joint pains. I think little deca would help, if you get the joint pains. You'll see result pretty quickly, although it's not drastic. Strength will go up and veins will pop out.

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    i live in cumming georgia
    yeah the 50mg are blue and seem to work great!!and the post above about the joint pain...its true very true ..def mix some deca w/it..i started getting veins in about two and a half weeks

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    Re: Questions about Winstrol Tabs....

    Originally posted by burnone
    Does winstrol tabs work good to cut you up and do the tabs come in 50 mg at all?
    No flame chief, but I'm tired of seeing questions like this. In one sentence you have demonstarted that you have done NO research whatsoever. If you had done a search of the archives you would have found the information you are looking for. Also, when your first post is "Does winstrol work...I need to get cut", that usually indicates that you are lazy and are looking for shorts cuts. If I'm off base...prove me wrong!

    BTW....if you REALLY want help, give us stats (age, wieght, wieght, training experience) and goals and we'll see what we can do.

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