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    someone who has done deca/winny cycle please help me out. thanks

    hi im 5'9 165 pounds this will be my second cycle.. i cant find a lot of information on how to structure my cycle with this stuff although from my research this is the gear that i d like to use
    so was thinking Deca / Clen / winny
    or just the deca/winny

    for 6 weeks..
    please post advice based on your personal experience
    winny im gonna take 50 mg every second day
    was thinking of between 300-500 mg deca week
    how should i structure this with clomid or nolvadex after??thx

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    Mr. Africa is offline Junior Member
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    at your wight clen wont be of a big use unlless you wanna be ultraripped and not so big so you choose.
    the six weeks idea simply wont work thats because deca remains active in your body for 4 weeks,if so u would have to take for the first 2 weeks only..
    so here is a good cycle for your status (you gonna need like 8 amps.of primobolan )
    week1 : 600 deca +winstrol 50 mg everyday
    week 2 : deca 400 + winny as above
    3: deca 400+ winny as above + 3 x 1500 HCG
    4: deca 400 + winny as above
    5: 200 primo + winny '
    6: 300 primo + winny
    7:200 primo + winny 50 mg each OTHER DAY + 3 x 1500 HCG
    8: 100 primo winny 25 mg each other day +2 x 1000 HCG
    9:100 mg clomid + 250 mg dhea + 1 ttab nolvadex
    10:50 mg clomid + 125 mg dhea
    11:50 mg clomid
    i assume you might reach the 200
    keep in touch bro and best of luck

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    No disrespect to Mr. Africa, but personally I feel that you can make excellent gains on deca /winny alone (although I really like primo, no need to spend more $$$ than needed as you will still see excellent results without primo). I ran deca/winny as my first ever cycle and gained 22lbs (19lbs of which I kept). I ran the cycle like this:

    weeks 1-10 deca @ 400mg week (no need to front load as your winny will have already kicked in by the time you feel the effects of the deca)
    weeks 3-8 winstrol @ 50mg/EOD (no need to go ED. Since it's only your 2nd cycle you will get great results EOD)
    WEEK 13 clomid 300mg day 1, 100mg/day x 10 days, 50mg day x 10 days. Take 1000mg/day of milk thistle and drink lots of water.

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    Personally I think you should add some test. I suggest this:

    1 to 10 weeks Test 400 - 500 mg
    1 to 10 weeks Deca 400mg
    7 to 12 weeks Winny 50mg ed


    1 to 10 weeks Deca 400 mg
    7 to 12 weeks winny 50 mg ed

    Of course need to run the clomid for 2 weeks after 2 days of last winny. You can add clen to your cycle at the last 2 weeks to shred. The reason for 10 weeks of deca is that you need at least 4 weeks to feel it kick in. 4 weeks of deca wont do anything. No need to front load as Pete said (waist IMO). The reason for the test is not only for the gain but to prevent the dredded "deca dick" but the gain would be great.

    Good luck.

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    I did a deca /winnie cycle... good first cycle.

    400 mg deca a week for 10 weeks
    50 mg winnie ed weeks 6-12
    Clomid 3 days after my last winnie tab.

    Went from 205-220 then down to 218.

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    Thumbs up

    I agree with arthur b that´s the best way to go. Did one cykle ecaly like that one and was ripped as hell afterwards.

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