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Thread: D-bol Question

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    Question D-bol Question

    IF I do D-bol alone for about 8 weeks. With Clomid towards the end...Will I lose a lot of strength gains? Don't care too much about size, Just strength! Also Is D-Bol wise for strength gains? from what I know it is, but i mean like I said if I do use clomid will I lose a lot of strength. Thanks Bros!


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    I personally think running a 8 week d-bol cycle is a bad cycle and running a 17aa product is also bad.You need to make a proper cycle up with some test and deca .

    Have a re-think because you are way off the mark

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    hey bro,
    only thing ive ever done so far was 25mg of thais and got strong and about 15lbs in 8 6weeks and lost everything but i did also have thyroid cancer too but if i could go back i would done dbol for 4 weeks as a jumpstart for a cycle like deca and sus or something like that but im also new to this too and just replied cause i did do dbol...Oh yea if your doing dbol ,plerase have some nolvedex on hand cause i was starting to develop teenager tits but they werent that bad but bad enough

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    8 weeks is too long. Do maybe 4 or 5

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    Yup I agree, Dbol aromatizes easily, very easily, (which means it can turn into estrogen, therefore get some nolvadex to counteract that. Dbol, you get alot of strength, but it will deminish, as you are off of it. I used to always say, with dbol you blow up quick, but you shrink even quicker.
    Save your dbol and get some sus or deca . There is also an old saying too about dbol and deca. "If you can't grow with dbol and deca, you should just give up juice".
    Dbol is not my choice of gear to do by itself, but it stacks lovely with sus ,and deca. DO NOT DO DEBOL FOR MORE THAN 4 WEEKS! It is a 17AA which is very toxic to your liver. Dbol is a good front loader or stacker I call it. Good luck...

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    bro what ru trying to accomplish?you said u just want strength?do some fina!test, and dbol in the beggining.or you can throw in some halo,insted of the fina but becarefull make sure u do your homework on those two,dont take them yogether.powerlifters use them to gain incredible strength with not much weight so they can compete in certain classes.before u decide ,make sure you read up on those halo is the most toxic oral,and fina is toxic to the kidneys.ifu want advice on the cycle pm me.

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