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    Limited Amount, best cycle?

    Hey Guys,

    I need some help here, unfortunately in Down Under land AS are extremely hard to come across and extremely expensive, so I know you're all going to tell me I need more but the fact is this is all I have to play with.

    6ml Sust 250
    4ml Deca 50
    practically unlimited D-bol
    limited Winny tabs maybe a bit dodgy
    I can also get access to plenty of Nolva and Clomid

    but thats it!

    I was considering running 1ml sust a week with 30mg d-bol weeks 1-2 and 30 mg d-bol weeks 5-6, and deca at the end, followed by creatine to try and keep the gains.


    wk 1-2 sust 250 per week and d-bol 30mg e.d
    wk 3-4 sust 250 per week
    wk 5-6 sust 250 per week and d-bol 30mg e.d (with wk 6 deca 100mg)
    wk 7 deca 100mg
    wk 8 winstrol 25mg/day

    This is my third cycle and prior cycles were of similar measely proportions, but mainly deca eg. deca 200mg/week.

    I am 22 198 pounds, very little body fat, and have little trouble at all in cutting down, I want to get to around 210-215 pounds and cut back to about 205-210.

    What do you think? I know it's small but it's all I've got, would any of you recommend a different approach?

    P.S. I am taking colostrum with my protein shakes as well to aid nutritional absorbtion, seems to be working quite well and even keeping my gains quite lean

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    You need a lot more........ you only have 6ml of sus that will last 3 weeks

    4ml of deca will last a week and a half

    Bro, you need tons more gear to run a decent cycle..... don't run this just because it's laying around.... alll you will be doing is wasteing the gear and your time.

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    if you only use what you have it is useless. you wont see any gains at all. your just messing with your test levels because there wont be enough time for it to get in your blood and have a effect. just save it till you can get more.

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    Save it...even if it takes you another year to get more supplies.

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    dont waste that gear, you need waaaaaaay more!

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    Thanks guys, looks like I'll have to try and keep shopping.

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