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    Anavar low dose and htpa.

    I was thinking about this recently so i thought id pose it as a question. Hypothetically if i were to supplement with 10-15mg of Anavar a day, taking the entire dose in the morning i assume it wouldnt have any effect on supperssing htpa. I have read alot of differing ideas, studies etc arguing over whether anavar does or doesnt supress endogonous testosterone production. Well even in the posts i have read on people claiming it does, they are always using significantly higher doses then im proposing and all say there is a marked point around 40mg and up where they feel it begins to have a supressive effect. So im hypothesising that a very low dose like this shouldnt be supressive at all. If it isnt suppressive and as the average production of test for a male is between 10-15mg a day then with the introduction of another 10-15mg's you have significantly increaced your hormone levels. Sure i wouldnt gain the same way as injecting 1000mg of test a week, but this increace in hormone levels should lead to superior growth. What are peoples opinions on such a low dose. Alot of people are just gonna say inject and dont be a pussy, or you need test, why not do a proper cycle. Well this is just a hypothetical idea. Doing this ten weeks on ten off for a year how do you think gains would compare to just training naturally?
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    I thought that JohnnyB posted something a while back I think that said it only takes 2.5mg to be suppressive... I could be wrong ill try to find it. So even at 15mg ED Im not sure if you would even knotice.
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    Var in itself even at high dosages does not produce superior growth as you think. It's used mainly as a hardener. Also, the average male produces between 4 and 7mg of test a day.

    Running 10 to 15mg ED would suppress HPTA but it wouldn't suppress it as bad as running Var at a higher dose. You may be able to get away without doing PCT and you might not. I just don't understand why everyone keeps bringing this subject up. Any hormone production higher then what you produce will have some sort of effect on your own natural hormone production.

    I feel running Var at a decent 50 to 80mg ED dose produces great results in cutting and I don't feel test is needed if those are your goals. Anything lower is just a waste.

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