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    Cycle Build Help

    I was wondering if you guys can help me build my next cycle.
    I have these items available:

    Dianabol , Test Enanthate , Trenbolone , Winstrol d., EQ, Clomid & HCG , Nolva

    I was thinking of something like this:

    week 1-6
    D-bol @ 50mg ED
    Trenbolone @ 225 mg/week

    week 1-8
    testosterone enanthate @ 750mg / week

    week 9-15
    winstrol depot @ 150mg / week
    Equipoise @ 400 mg / week

    week 16-18
    HCG + Clomid

    Nolvadex all the way...
    My goal is to gain mass and then cut. I have done about 3-4 cycles before and I have been lifting for about 3 years.
    I'm currently 215 @ 18% bodyfat.


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    I wouldnt run the dbol any more than 4 weeks @50mg, JMO though!

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    IMO the 1-9 weeks of test E is kinda high but if you have done other cycle and think that the higher dose is better then do it. but if i was making it i would go with 500mg/week. JMO

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