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Thread: winstrol tabs

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    winstrol tabs

    sup guys, quick ? for anyof you . i recently got my winstrol tabs but they are blue and i was under the impression that most of them are a off white color.has anyone ever heard or seen blue ones. i just want to make sure they are real before i take them , thanks again and thanks for the last replies, you guys help alot jeremy

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    Put up a pic, and yes, I have seen blue ones before. Check out pics under "Steriod Pics", and you will see them.
    Better yet here is a link:
    There do yours look like these?
    Also they appear in this pic to be the 50mg tabs, which are great, I have been looking for some of them. I tell ya what, if you don't think they are real, just send them to me.. I will find a use for them! haaa LOL..

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    How many mgs are they? Who makes them? need more info.

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    i have 50mg winny tabs they are blue

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