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Thread: Second Cycle

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    Second Cycle

    I have done 1 cycle before and it was 12 weeks test e. How does this cycle sound?

    Week 1-10: test prop 50mg/ED
    Week 1-4: M1T 20mg/ED
    week 5-10: Winstrol 50mg/ed
    Week 1-10: .25 l-dex
    Week 1-10: Milk thistle 1 gram/ED
    Then PCT

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    Looks good to me bro, I don't see anything wrong with it. You could save some pain and pins and prick yourself EOD at 100mgs instead of ED at 50mgs with the prop, but hey its up to you. Good luck bro

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    Use nolva 10mg ED throught cycle also..

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