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Thread: B12 and Prop?

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    B12 and Prop?

    I am going to be using 75ml of Prop ed. What amounts of B12 can I use with this, and what benefits does B12 give you other than less painful injections? Oh yeh, can I just get it from a farm store (liquid stuff obviously)?

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    Use half a ml of the b-12 from B-12 will help with energy, hunger, and less painful injections :-)

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    B-12 will give you an increase in energy, appetite, mood, etc.. It also helps breakdown metabolize fats, proteins and carbs effieciently. I'd use 1000mcg ed with the prop. As for the farm source, I really don't know. Check out the new They will be able to help you out with you situation.

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    this should help you quite a bit in your b-12 search. unbelievable price. probably cheapest you will ever find. mine is Arriving tomorrow, I ordered enough to last me a whole year and a half if I was to do it 365 days. and it cost me less than $20

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