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Thread: ttokkyo primo??

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    Question ttokkyo primo??

    I heard a while back that ttokkyo was making a primo. Haven't been to mex in some time. Just wondering if it was true that ttokkyo has produced some primo. If so, what dose, size, and price?

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    1Banshee is offline Junior Member
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    They are but last time I was down (last week) it was still not availble. It will be in 10cc vials, at 100mg per cc, and the estimated price was $70 - 100... I will be down again this week, I let ya know if I find it...

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    PaPaPumP- "Hey amigo, when will TTokkyo's Primo be available?"
    Amigo- "Ohhh bro...maybe next week. But gimme your money now so I can save you a couple bottles. Good deal on Primo, only today tho..."


    Amigo- Hey you gringo son of a bitch pussy motherf*cker, Give me your money so I can buy some Tequila tonight and laugh at your sorry ass for trusting me with your money. I will never see you again after today. Bitch.

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    Can you buy strait from ttokkyo in mexico?

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    LOL Pappa.. you are always the character.. ha haa.. If he talks you into giving him your money split it with me, and we can go halves on some gear.... woohooo!!!!! Fuck Tequilla..

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