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    Anyone know anything about this?

    anyone know if any of this stuff is legit? sounds fishy to me!

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    i was about to yell at you for a source post...but those are actually pro-hormones.

    if they were shouldnt have posted this, but they arent so i guess no harm no foul

    in the future you shouldnt risk a post like this though

    id ask i the supplement forum

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    lol i wouldnt post a source its just these guys plaster thier **** everywhere and wasnt sure on quality. also they say thier products are types of test. etc so i thought this forum was the right one for it.

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    There stuff is compareble to real gear.

    They best product they have is there nandrolone oh its deca with a hydoxyl group attached so it cant form estrogen. Its a little weaker but its friggin legal deca just use like 500-600mg a week

    Then they have test oh which is actually testosterone but again has the hydroxyl group inhibiting dht conversion and estrogen conversion = no side effects but this you would want like 1 gram a week because its not very strong

    This is the best legal roids on the market i mean come on its actually testosterone and deca that are legal for now anyways.

    Im about to run there nandrolone in a cycle of test e and some injectable 1test cyp

    I would of gone with normal deca but i got gyno last pct and this looked interesting because of the no estro no progesterone sides

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