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    Need 2nd Cycle help - ICN Galenika

    Can anyone with considerable experience please give me some advice here. I need to know what dose of ICN Galenika to take and is it really neccesary to take EQ with it and will it make a big difference to results.

    My idea is week 1-10 500mg ICN test E
    week 1-12 Syd labs anabolic BD EQ (If required)
    IS l-dex really neccesary and if so how do I take it?
    And how much perday as most users say they should have taken more than 10mg per day?

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    A bit of a tangent here...but what is the lot number of your ICN's? There are some really underdosed lots out there.

    What was your first cycle like?

    Always run the test longer than the EQ, Deca , tren , etc.

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    My first cycle was EQ and winny only and now after researching I have decided to try with a test and ICN seems to be best although you have said there were some bad batches, which ones? and do you suggest I just go with QV instead as a safety, and do I really need the EQ? $$$

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