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    Please help.. First cycle stuff....

    Hello all,

    I was just wondering what u guys think about my proposed cycle which consists of norma decas, testoviron depots(i only have 7 amps and i don't think it's worth while to order some more), stanazol v, and pinkies..
    wk 1-4: 20mg dbol ED
    wk 1-8: 300mg deca
    wk 2-8: 250mg test
    wk 6-10: 50mg winny EOD
    wk 11-13: Clomid day 1 300, day 2-12 100mg, day 13-23 50mg
    wk 1-14: Liquidex at .25ml ED
    I have nolva and RU486(6 pills only, will this be enough?) on hand..
    I've done 2 very light oral cycles in the past.. 1st was dbol@15mg for 5 weeks.. gained 9lbs, managed to keep 5-6lbs post cycle /w out clomid.. spa anavar @ 20mg /w 15g creatine for 6wks.. gained 12, kept 4lbm lost 1-2%bf..

    I'm 21, been training since I was 17. I was little runt back then at 5'7.5" @ 110lbs.. Currently been "off" for 6 months sitting at 5'9 164+/- @ 9%bf.. I'm still relatively small compared to the big guys on here..

    Diet will consist of at LEAST 1.5g/lb protein, 1.5-1.75g/lb carbs, and .5g/lb fat.

    1)I was wondering if it was beneficial to run 20mg anavar and 100mg primo after the clomid as a "bridge" for 8 wks.

    2)Do you guys feel that I should front load the deca to 600mg the first 2 wks?

    3)Is 250mg of test enough to combat the infamous 'deca dick' or should i throw on 25mg of proviron starting week 4-10?
    I would like to keep the dosages minimum since I think I responded quite well to low dosages from the previous cycles.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    it looks ok bro
    bump the dbol up to at least 35 mg ed
    the test should be run @ 500 the deca @400
    but if this is your first cycle you should see decent gains of of 250/300
    and run the winny @ 50 mg ed not eod for wk 7-11 and clomid 2 days out in the order you posted

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    i agree with four plates. up the dbol to at least 35 mgs every day, if possible 40 mgs a day, the deca to 400-500 mg a week. what kind of test are you running? use these dosages and you should see some solid gains.

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    more replies please

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