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    I just need an estimate...

    I just want to see if a friend is getting cheated or not... How much would a 15-shot Deca bottle cost? 300mg=1ml.

    Appreciate it bro's.

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    There is such a wide range of responses that you might get for this. Depends on his source, the brand, etc. I get 20 ml's of 200 mg deca for $100. Mine is kind of steep but its a guy I know in town, so I get it in my hand for that, gym source you could say.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by 15 shot bottle. You will most likely find deca 300 in a 10 cc (or maybe 20cc) bottle made by petspharma, QV, Etc. Mex price will be around $30-45 so it all just depends how much the seller wants to jack up the price. I wouldn't pay more than double that.-X

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    It all depends if he is paying gym prices or not. How many ml's are in the bottle? 15 shots @1mg a shot is only 15ml which is an odd number.

    Either way I would say about 45-70bucks for a bottle of deca (20ml @200mg/ml).

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    I didnt know there was a 15ml of deca out, is there? I bet he means a 10ml which usually is around $70

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