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    216LBS now @ 236LBS n Still Growing-

    Sup Fellas..

    I am 6'4 235LBS, I work out 4 days a week and basically have been told I have the perfect body, I use to break dance back in the day so my abs are close to perfect, It was great because I use to go to clubs and start breaking and woman would come in flocks, especially here in Miami.

    But now I jsut sit back in the cut and I dont have to dance and I get better results, thanks to honestly 2 1/2 cycles.
    So here are my questions:

    I can Bench 425 Decline, 335 Incline and 365 Normal ( I cant seem to get my normal bench Higher) what can I do to get this above 400LBS?

    As far as juicing, this is what I have been taking-
    1 cycle of Sustanon 12 amps 250 a week, 500 for 3 weeks..
    Anadrol 20 day supply

    started with Enantate QV 200 3 weeks ago (**** that **** hurts)
    Deca 250 just today
    back on Androlics (Dragons) 50 mg 30 days

    then I am done- I want to know is this a good stack- being that I went from Sustanon to Enantate and now stacking with DECA and Androlics?

    I have Chlomid and Nolvadex for Post recovery, I eat good and work out really intense, I am 27 years OLD- What is you guys is opinion, my Goal is to be 245 LBS, give or take a few- but this is all muscle, no fat what so ever-

    Also the last order of DECA I ahd although looks legit and I got it from a good source, sent me the bottle with no label, jsut a white paper with the dragon on it- he sent me to the website where the bottle is, and it looks like the bottle and substance but how can I freakin know, I mean he did send me the Androlics and I know they are real, along with the chlomids- but any advice on this Gear-

    Also what exactely does Enantate do, Gain weight? Bulk? besides hurt like hell..

    Anyway, I appreciate the oppurtunity to ask questions and hopefully I will hear back from someone-


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    My Diet

    As far as Diet goes, this is where I need to be a bit more focused, I eat so **** much..but I dont keep is a summary..

    I honestly have a fast metabolism, I dont eat junk food, Unless I have to (Time constraints) but I usually eat an descent breakfast, cant give you an exact calorie breakdown, but its usually consisted of eggs, bacon, cereal, and my Muscle Tech milkshake, Lunch is my feeding, being MIAMI I have a Spanish cafe downstairs which serves a variety of foods, high in PROTEIN like Beans, steak, chicken, alot of RICE) after the gym I usually get a Baileys Shake which is expensive but high in PROTEIN as a supplement, but at night again, GOD has been good to me, because my wife is Italian and that woman stays cooking, so I eat a pretty excellent Dinner -Meatloaf, Mashpotatoes, Steaks, breaded chicken, Baked Zitti) all that stuff...Then of course to End my day, I drink a shake right before bed...

    I was at 216Lbs, I am now at 236lbs, so its been working for me, but I think I should see a huge spurt now that I started the Deca and the Androlics, plus the Enathate, what do you think..any recommendations to my diet- becuase I admit, when it comes to training, I have an outrageous workout, that has got me where I am, but I dont keep track of my eating because I eat so much due to my fast metabolism..

    Thanks Again-

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