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    Help Cycling Winny

    im on a standard sus and deca cycle , week 7 gains have been solid. Not much bloat looking quite lean. I was going to add some winny tabs in the last 4 weeks before pct. They are stanoplex stanozolol 5mg a tab.
    How do i take these i was looking at 35-50mg a day D i split the dosage up.. DO u take them split up like dbol or all at once.

    WHats the best way to take them. id appreciate some help.

    stats 25, 180pounds 5,7

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    Feb 2004
    bros please help i need to start the winny like today

    Do i take 8 tabs (5mg each) all at once? Or split them up and take 3 times a day

    ? Help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    I plan on adding winny for the last 6 six week of a test e cycle. 25mg in the morning and 25mg at night right up to pct. i understand that six weeks is best.

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