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    overseas orders suck

    well i am in week 8 of british dragon cyp and eq at 500 per week and the results are good but not as good as they should be. i am starting to believe the dateline special on british dragon test may be true that it is underdosed (by half).
    Anyways thats the only place i can get it. I have been trying to figure out how exactley you actually find a new source but no luck. I know everyone says be patient , but if you cant talk about it, and dont know anyone, how do you actually >>> well you all know what i mean.
    guess i ll just have to do twice as much next time from overseas.
    IM me if you have any info on overseas orders being underdosed or a better way.
    MODS, if this is not allowed i will delete it

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    Dude you've been here 2 months. do you think i should just come right out and tell you who i buy from. so you can bust him and i wont be able to get anymore overdosed stateside gear for alot less than you paid.

    just get to know ppl and it will happen and ignore the PM's you will be getting as a result of this post.

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    Bro British Dragon does make very good products
    They are also probably one of the more popular and
    well known labs and it wouldn't surprise me at all if
    some of their products have been counterfitted...
    Sometimes it just comes down to your source
    and weather or not you can trust them 100%

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    I love brithish dragon, never treid their test but got some kick a dbols.
    Ever thought about getting that logo(the snake and arrow) for a tattoo? Hmmmm....

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    no good?

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    I would look into your diet before blaming British Dragon's gear. If you dont eat right nothing is gonna happen.

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    all my gear is from an international source that has good quality gear, only problem is that it costs an arm and a leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anhydro78
    If you dont eat right nothing is gonna happen.
    Yeah bro its probably your diet that sucks ass

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