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    DNP Questions :hello:


    I am going to try a DNP cycly in the near future. I am getting 40 powder dnp capsules, and i am going for a 12 day@200mg day cycle for starters.

    I have a few questions in regards to the suplements i need to take.

    Is T3 really that important?.

    and is these suplements enough?.

    Opti-Men Multi-Vitamin 60 tabs

    also i am getting R-Alpha Lipoic Acid tablets

    how many of these pills/mg should i take a day?. It seems that i can't get hold of V8 juice because they are banned i Denmark because of to large amounts of vitamins in them.

    I have read a lot of threads about DNP, and i am trying to put the last pieces together before i am starting the cycle.

    I hope some of you can give me real good advice.
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    btw. i am going to run 100mg test propionate and 100mg Primobolan EOD for 6 weeks, and i will start using AS the same day as DNP .

    And i have ephedrine, and are getting therma power..

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    In your case you more then likely would not need T3. However, if you do decide to take a higher dosage of DNP then T3 is a must.

    Vitamins not enough, you need...

    Magnesium-1500mgs a day
    VitE-1200ius a day
    VitC-3000mgs a day
    R-Ala- at least 600mgs a day

    Drink WATER and stay safe!!

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    t3 will not be that important on that cycle (it would be helpful though) because it is very low dose. Make sure your taking plenty of antioxidants, and supplement with potasium and sodium (electrolytes), they keep your muscles from cramping (Mine cramped a little in my last cycle from not having any).

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    Honestly bro, I dont think you've researched enough. If you're this close to your cycle and you're asking how much vitamins to take..i dunno. But to answer your questions.

    1. T3 isnt really needed at 200mg/day for about 3 weeks, some start taking t3 after three weeks though. Its up to you.

    2. R-ala you can take anywhere from 200mg to 1g a day. Like KOM normally says, supplements on dnp are way too stressed on. If you cant buy v8, for that rather odd reason, just get some potassium tabs. Something thats been majorly recommended for me though would be Benadryl. Even if you dont get an allergic reaction, its supposedly a good antioxidant aswell. Take 1 Benadryl everyday during your cycle and one week afterwards.

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