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Thread: Not enough?

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    Not enough?

    I'm taking 1 cc /TW from a 10ml EQ from QV.

    I should have enough for 5 weeks but I donít. It looks like is going to last about 4.

    When I load the syringe with EQ I pull it so the outer part of the rubber is right below the 1cc line

    I also notice that with the sus 250 that supposedly have 1cc in each amp is actually a bit short of that 1cc mark.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    no, qv is known for being underfilled. all of my vials from them contained about 8-9ml instead of the 10 they are suppose to. i hop eu have more than 1 bottle of EQ though. eq needs to be run a minimum of 12 weeks IMO

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