I've decided to end my cycle a week early for several reasons: for some reason I've been really depressed, I mean dangerously depressed the last few weeks and I think it may be because of the juice. I am on an emotional rollercoaster...i get viciously angry, jealous, and then I feel like shutting my eyes on the freaking freeway and letting the wheel do it's thing. This is not worth it. I should be taking the last shot today, but I won't. I've been on deca 300 and test 400. I did 4 weeks on d-bol weeks 2 - 6. Today should have been the 10th week on the cycle.

what are the consequences of finishing the cycle like this?

i last juiced last wednesday, 09/01, can i start my clomid at 300 mg and so on today, or should I wait until two weeks after last injection?

...and yes, I was working out a lot on cycle, and i used nolva, and i ate well, and took vitamins. unfortunately, along with personal life issues, tghe juice, i think, amplified my emotions and it hasn't been a pleasant few weeks.

gains: 15 pounds by the end of the d-bol. lost 5...total gains were 10 lbs.