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Thread: fina question

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    fina question

    im going to be running 100mg prop ed
    4/500mg eq for 15 weeks
    fina ?

    im going to be running fina how much should i run ed?should i start it the same time as my test?
    this is my third cycle and im 180lbs 5"11

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    You should keep it around 6 -8 weeks. Either the beginning or toward the end of the cycle. Start on the low end. You can bump it up if you think it is not giving the gains you want. You can start at 50mg ed. I personally wouldn't go above 75mg ed. If you decide on eod injections, obviously you can bump it up.

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    i would run it 75mg/ed. u will love the combo. one of the best lean stacks out there IMO

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