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    EQ Stuck Once, Got Sick, Gear Still Good???

    I got a bottle of Europa Quality Labs(EQL) 400mg about a year ago. The day I got it I took a shot. I had been sick the week before but was feeling much better, so I decided to start. I didn't finish the antibiotics my doc gave me and relapsed. I didn't take another shot because I wanted to wait until I was completely better. To make a long ****ing story short, I have held on to the EQ since then. I only stuck the bottle that one time ( a year ago) and the gear has been sitting for a little over a year in my dark closet. It doesn't expire until April of 2005. I know the tops are sealed pretty good otherwise the liquid would leak out and also go bad. My question is, is the gear still good??? Would sticking it that one time make it go bad? I want to start it, but I don't want to take bad ****. Does sticking the top shorten the expiration time? Is it possible it became oxidized? It looks the exact same as when I got it and still has that unique EQ smell. Does anyone have experience with a similar problem? Thanks guys.

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    yes you should be good to go

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