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    ok, im an idiot.. need help.

    I was trying to make fina for my first time, a friend told me how, said use 20ml of medical grade oil, 7.5 ml of benz alch. and the whole cartridge of pellets. I was tired and not thinking, and in the middle of everything after i mixed it all up i realized i used 30ml of oil.. now what trow it away? Is it any good? F*CK!

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    No man you are fine. It might hurt a little because of all the BA. You want it at 15% or less so 7.5mL is way too much for 20mL. Your mix will be about 55mg per mL. When all is said and done see how many mL's of jive you have. Divide 2,000(2000mg in one cart) by the mL. Thats you mg per mL.

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    iconn's right on the money.

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