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Thread: ? Mexican Gear

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    ? Mexican Gear

    I know I can get Quality Vet enan and prop in mexico, but what maker should I be looking for when looking for winny and eq? Also , is there any better stuff than QV for the test?

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    I-WISH-A-MF-WOULD is offline Associate Member
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    I seen alot of fakes be careful and QV Prop brought the entire b*tch out of me. So if pain is your thing than by all means. However most Phar. / vets knew somebody that can find what ya want so you really don't have to look around too hard.

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    LORDBLiTZ Guest
    Stay away from mexican gear.

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    QV EQ is good, cut the prop with b12...if thats all you can get, thats all you can get.

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    sin city
    these are some products available in MEX
    at most large graneros
    forget pharmacies unless yu have a lot of money you dont need

    Quality-vet usallly is painfull stuff supposed to be underdosed now
    good stuff when I used it

    Bold 200 200mgx10ml
    Deca 200 200mgx50ml
    Deca 200 200mgx10ml
    Deca 300 300mgx10ml
    Enantat250 250mgx10ml
    Enantat250 250mgx50ml
    Metenol 50mgx50tabs
    Metavet 10mgx100tabs
    Oxavet5 5mgx100tabs
    Oxavet 75mgx100tabs
    Propionat 100 100mgx10ml
    Teston 200 200mgx10ml
    Trenbolona 75 75mgx10ml
    Stan 10 10mgx100 tabs
    Stan 50 50mgx20ml
    Stan 100 100mgx100ml

    Loeffler haven used it much but they are OK as far as rep goes
    Acetrenbo 50mgx20tabs
    Oxafort Tabs 5mgx100tabs
    Gonadotropina 10,000 UI/10ml
    Kanestron 50mgx100tabs
    Reforvit 5mgx1000tabs
    Reforvit 10mgx1000tabs
    Reforvit 25mgx1000tabs
    Reforvit -B 25mgx10ml
    Reforvit -B 25mgx50ml
    Reforvit -B 25mgx100tabs
    Testosterona4LA 250mgx10ml

    good reputation all around
    Aguatest 100mgx10ml
    Cypiotest 250 250mgx10ml
    D-BOL 10mgx300caps
    D-BOL 25mgx10ml
    D-BOL 10mgx96caps
    D-BOL 10mgx100tabs
    Decanandrolen200 200mgx10ml
    Denkadiol 75mgx10ml
    Maxigan 50mgx50ml
    Stanazolic 100mgx10ml
    Stanazolic 50mgx20ml
    Stanazolic 10mgx100tabs
    Stanazolic 6mgx300caps
    Test 400 400mgx10ml
    Ultragan 100 100mgx10ml
    Oxandrovet 5mgx100tabs
    Oximetalon 75mgx100tabs

    Tornel really underdosed IMO
    Equigan 50mgx10ml
    Equigan 50mgx50ml
    Nandrolona 200mgx10ml
    Testosterona200 200mgx10ml
    Super-Test 250 250mgx10ml

    Brovel aslo underdosed IMO
    Norandren200 200mgx10ml
    Norandren50 50mgx50ml
    Testosterona100 100mgx0ml
    Testosterona200 200mgx10ml
    Testosterona50 50mgx20ml
    Metiltest 50mgx100tabs

    Fort Dodge seems to be OK but at 50mg its alot of innections
    Equipoise 50mgx10ml
    Equipoise 50mgx50ml

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    Quote Originally Posted by LORDBLiTZ
    Stay away from mexican gear.
    I could not agree with you more. I hate worry'n about if my gear is legit or most of all underdosed coming from that area. I am not putting down gear coming from mexico but I have learned there is alot out the then just taking that risk in getting stuff from there! JMO, take it for what its worth....

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