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    Can I start cutting while still on the cycle?

    Brothers. . .

    Would cutting down on the food intake be a waste of a good cycle?

    I've got 3 weeks left to go on my cycle 400/wk Deca 500/wk Test, and I just started winnie 1ml/day.

    I have been eating like a pig, although clean healthy food.
    I've been lifting as heavy as I can and went up to 315 on the incline from 225.
    I've had some good gains and I'm happy with the results.

    Now I would like to cut down on the food intake and do a little higher reps. (8-12) as opposed to around 6-8 with max weights. I'd like to increase the cardio etc. But should I wait until after the cycle???

    I'd apprechiate your input, M

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    I would just hold out untill after pct. Gain as much as possible with the little time you have left on your cycle.

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    i would keep the food and lifting the same but increase cardio.

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