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Thread: winstrol depot

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    winstrol depot

    when injecting winstrol depot every other, how long does it take to see an effect?
    and how long does the effect last after discontinuing?

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    Well, if you are stacking it with other gear I believe that it is usually added at about the 5th or 6th week then used for 6 weeks. I think that the half-life of winni-d is about 24-48 hours and that is why the EOD or ED usually. I have read and heard that it is alot better to ED on winni because of its short half-life. As far as results..... depends on how you react to it. I would say do ALOT of research before you jump into it. Also, is this your 1st cycle? How old are you. How many years training? That kind of stuff is also important as to how you will react. Good luck.

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