Ok guys,
heres my situation, about to start 3rd cycle...was going to keep it simple....500mg test e/13wks and 400mgs EQ/12wks, and prolly throw in anavar or halo for 4wks....but i have the opportunity to get Parabolan by British Dragon(100mg/ml) or Tren E(250mg/ml) by Zencall.

so heres my question....which of those tren's are most preferred as compared to gains vs. sides....and for a first time user of tren is 400mg's PArabolan for 8wks, or 500mg's Tren E for 10wks...too much......i hear it is the gear of the gods but sides get nasty...should i drop the EQ and try one of those Tren's or just wait for another cycle to add Tren.

180lbs. 6'0
looking for lean, hard gain with vascularity improving
thanks guys