hey bros, im off to see a new derm on tuesday sep 14.i havent seen one in 4 years since i was on accutane for 4 months at 40mg back in hs which was aug 2000. **** dried me out and smoothed me out and i was getting laid pretty easy. but after 2 cycles of aas im going to tell him to put me back on accutane i was thinking 8 months at 40mg. I weigh 260 how many mg a day should i be taking for my weight?? also WHAT should i tell this new guy to put me on accutane?? also i want to get big whileo n accutane and want to take sust250 and deca while on accutane for 4 months a 16 weeker(is this a stupid idea?note:i will not be taking any orals while on accutane) well some of you guys have helped me out a lot just curious on what kind of advice you guys are going to offer me, good luck you u boys and keep pumping up up and away