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Thread: what to buy.

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    what to buy.

    so i discontinued my current cycle due to my lack of ability to put everything into it i wanted to (too busy with work and school so i didn;t feel like wasting my time and gear) Well anyway a few buddies of mine want some so im gonna pick some more up for me so i can restart in like 6 weeks.
    Here's the 3 brands im trying to decide between.
    SL- used them first cycle and loved it, went with 500/wk and it worked well... only concern with this cycle would be id have to shoot more gear.

    Per.L- started second cycle with this.... every shot hurt like hell, coulda been just a bad batch or it coulda been the concentration (i woudn;t think the extra 50 mg would make that big of a difference cause the SL the first time around was pain free.)

    UGL- i have never tried them but i have heard them mentioned on here before.

    price is very similiar between them so chosing based on that is out of the question.

    Let me know what everyone's opinion is....

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    iver heard really good about p.l.

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    Go with what you can get for the best price


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