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    Adding Winstrol to my Cycle

    Im currently into week 5 of a 12 week Test E Cycle. Im taking 300mg a week with a goal of cutting down. So far my results have been pretty good, people have noticed that i look alot more leaner and cut up.

    Im looking at adding Winstrol to the last four weeks of my cycle. My source only stocks the winstrol 10mg caps. I did a bit of reseach and i came up with either 50MG per day or every other day.

    Does this sound rite? I was looking at popping 5 pills every other day, is this too excessive or not enough? And if i did should i be taking a Liver Tonic like Milk thistle during or after the cycle.


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    Bro stick to your original plan, add orals to your 3rd or 4th cycle


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    isn't 300 mg a week light?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustang331
    isn't 300 mg a week light?
    Imho it is. A good dose would be 500mg/wk.

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